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Do It Yourself Web Hosting
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This community is for anyone who runs their own web server. You're welcome to join if you host your web site over a home Internet connection e.g. DSL or cable, or if you've got a real (i.e. has its own CPU and mobo) dedicated or colo server in a snazzy datacentre.

Feel free to talk about all aspects of setting up, administering and securing a server. Also running DNS, networking, router and firewall configuration, colo companies, cable and DSL providers, AUPs, UPSes, fire-suppression etc.

Please don't talk about commercial web hosting: there's another community for that. I don't mind if you do some commercial hosting on your server but this is not the community for talking about running a hosting outfit. In addition, there's to be no talk about MP3s, warez or online gaming.